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Love marriage specialist in Indore

If you feel that your boyfriend and girlfriend now becomes so much strength after years of relationship and the time, love, care, and respect that you both give t the relationship. And all such things are important for continuing into the relationship for a whole life. And wants to convert your love relationship into a marriage relationship. But boyfriend is not getting ready for it. Because he feels that still is the not right time for the marriage. Then you can take the help of our love marriage specialist in Indore.

He at first listen to your problem. That due to what sort of reason he is disagreeing for the marriage. And according to that suggest you the way that can prove to be helpful for you in solving your marriage problem by making it successfully done with each other.

What are the reasons due to which your boyfriend does not agree for the marriage with you?

As there can be several of the problems. Sometimes it is not easy to get understood by even that person who is living closer to the one. But the love marriage specialist has that skill which can analyse your kundli through the Vedic astrology. And find out the reason that due to which your boyfriend is not agreeing for the marriage with you.

  • As it can be possible that now after the years of relationship your boyfriend feels that continue in the marriage relationship with you is not possible for him.
  • For him, it might be possible that you are not an ideal one.
  • Or even he is not at the situation in which he is ready to take care of all the responsibilities on his shoulders and handle them out in the proper way.

What are the astrological reasons due to which your boyfriend does not convince to get married to you?

As Venus is the planet that is responsible for bringing the love, romance and even care into the relationship. But when this venus tends to get weak. Because of the strong influence of the sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. And along with that ado more than 3 planets placed in the 7th house. Then it is so definite that all such positions, placement and even conjunctions cam weak the position of the venus and leads to complications in our marriage life due to which your boyfriend does not agree to get married to you.

How love marriage specialist in Indore can convince your boyfriend for the marriage?

As if you really love your boyfriend and wants to get married to him. Then you can make this possibly happen with the help of our love marriage specialist. As he can chant the VashiKaran mantra. By the help of which any of the negativity or fear that is present in his mind and thoughts about the marriage with you. All of them can turn in a positive form. And you can easily get married to him. Thus, the vashikaran mantra that you have to chant is mention here as in the following manner:

|| Om haam amukh vashyam kuru swaha ||